Suzanne Purewal

author. poet. dreamer.

About Suzanne:

Suzanne has been called a survivor. Understandably so. She battled cancer, was downsized from her job, and endured a devastating divorce. While the forces in the universe seem determined to drag her down, she continually pulls herself back up.

More importantly, she thrives in the face of adversity. She utilizes the battles, struggles, and challenges in her life as fuel to pursue her passion—writing.

Many so-called experts strongly urged her to stick to only one genre. But Suzanne’s creative mind refuses to be tamed.

Her romantic suspense novels, Embracing Destiny, Challenging Destiny, and Manifesting Destiny, blend romance, mystery, and humor seamlessly, leaving you wanting more.

The poems in her poetry book, From 14 to 41, make her completely vulnerable, open, and exposed. Readers of all ages relate with her work. Many reported laughing out loud. Others admitted they were moved to tears. No reader can make it through the book without feeling something.

Her blog, Pursuing My Passion, showcases her unique storytelling style, sense of humor, and sarcastic wit. Her Mis-Matched to Miss Matched series focuses on her misadventures in online dating. She has been credited with saving several marriages. Readers confessed that they returned to counseling after reading her blog.

Due to the popularity of the Mis-Matched to Miss Matched series, Suzanne turned it into a humorous book, by the same name. And that was quickly followed by a sequel, Finally! An Unexpected Love Story. It is a hilarious “He Said/She Said” book with co-author, L. E. Hewitt.

Suzanne is pleased that her work not only entertains her readers, but has had a positive impact as well.